Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday,Money saving madness

     Lil sis and I about killed ourselves on Saturday cleaning up the yard.  We took one overflowing truckload to the dump and then filled it again for Hub's to empty.  Hub's came home late Saturday and I felt he should share in our joy.  I was able to clean out part of the flower beds and we put the deck back together.  Then in the dark  we went down the street to a construction site and loaded up rock to fill in our front bed.  Our neighbors had 5 truckloads of large river rock delivered and it was $200,00 a truck load.  I decided I would not pay for rock and would find it and load it my self.  Yes we will save money but I smashed my finger and it is all black and blue.  Might be rethinking this one.

     Toward the end of the day I was trying to carry a large bag of potting soil up the front steps.  I left it about 2/3's of the way up.  I was just too tired.  I thought Hub's will have to do that.  Then I had a few piles of yard waste to pick up in a basket and dump.  After I bent over to pick up the first arm full, I stopped and left the basket and said Hub's will have to finish this.  I was just flat out too tired.  I was very sore and did not sleep well Saturday night.

     We were up for church and the Presidencies of the Relief Society and the Primary were reorganized.  Same old, same old they just switched people around.  But it will make for change and change is always a good thing.Came home took a nap  and then made dinner.  Steak, corn on the cob, cucumbers, watermelon, sauteed mushrooms, lemon pie. Yum!

     I have a lot of house work to do tomorrow and wedding dresses to finish up before we leave on Tuesday to join Sluggy and Hubby in Twin Falls, Idaho.  It will take us about 8 hours to get there and then we will tour around that area and on into the Ashton, Idaho area, where Hub's sister has a big ranch about 14 miles from Yellowstone park.  We will tour the park and all the sites and then head back toward our place so Sluggy can see the confluence  that Lewis and Clark stood on when they came out west.  We will hit as many sites as we can..We will be staying at the ranch a couple of nights as it takes a while to get through everything in that area.  I am so excited.

     On to Money saving madness:

I must say this week I did not try to save money cooking and went out twice.  With no Hubby at home it was just easier and I was lazy.

1. Picked and ate from our garden, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes(finally) beans, potatoes.
2. Only grocery shopped once
3.  Picked up steaks with 50% off stickers and 16lbs of good burger with 50% off sticker.  Burger was $2.25 a lb. took it home and repackaged it.
4.Had hair colored at home saved $70.00 and have enough product to do it again!
5. Hung mom's blankets and sheets outside to dry (twice) instead of using the dryer
6 .re purposed a free table for back deck
7. After patiently looking for a sheet set with elephants on it, found one with a good thread count for under $20.00.  (daughter b-day)
8.  Waited until Talbots sale went to 85% off to replace worn shorts and blouses.
9.Shredded two larger zucc's for bread later.
10. froze several green peppers to flavor soups and sauces.
11. used my last big batch pie crust to whip up a lemon pie for mom
12. used frozen left over bananas to make breads
13. traded cucumbers with neighbor for apricots.

What did you do this week to save money?

Have a great and productive day!